Friday, September 30, 2005

Sunshine Eyes

I love you now
I loved you then
I will love you tomorrow, always

Nothing has changed
Only you have moved on

Find what you need

Live, Love, Laugh!

I want all happiness for you
too come wherever you find it

Have fun always!

...remember me
step out into the night
on occasion
look into the night sky
Know I see the same sky
I think of your eyes
brightening it
with your sunlight

I miss you

Yet, I know
you are

I love you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I have become addicted to this cd! One of the best cds I have heard in a long time. The music is very smokey and the lyrics are dripping with raw emotions.

Small sampling from their song "Struggle"

I just want to move ahead
I just want to free myself - but it’s a struggle
I just want to stay in bed
I just want to be myself - but it’s a struggle...

To learn more about them, see a video, check out pictures...go here: Ringside

cant breath....

for some reason. I think I am getting the smooth talk here at work....which is fine, I have needed a reason to finally say: enough is enough! I should work for myself and stop talking about it. Maybe "my education" is over and I need to put it to the test. Now its a pass or fail. If I decide to break out on my own it would mean some HUGE changes. Sell the car, get a part time job that could support my basic bills. Every time I have taken the HUGE LEAP, it has been the best thing. College, moving here - those have been the best 2 decisions in my life. Maybe its time for leap #3! Land on my feet again. Hopefully my mood improves tomorrow...because it really F*CKING sucks right now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

3 years & 3000 miles

I have now been in Seattle for just over 3 years. I cant believe how quickly my life has changed, evolved, whatever you want to call it, in that time. I received a call from someone from back home, who has recently moved here to Seattle. I knew her 6 yrs ago and I cant believe it has been that long. I think of who I was then, and how much I thought I knew of myself. I had to laugh, for I realized in reflection of how little I knew of what is very important. In that time I have made friends and formed bonds with people that will last a lifetime. Others have come into my life and are off doing other things. Will we at some point reconnect in some other place? Who knows, but I think of these things as I reconnect lately with friends from the past. Just in the past 3 years of living in Seattle, I have become more centered and more aware of who I am, than I ever was prior to the 3,000 mile journey. When you come this far and have to "recreate" your life, you have the liberty of discarding parts of who you were that you dont like. Lately I have fallen on my face a lot and have had to learn how to discard parts of myself that I dont like. It is not always easy to look in the mirror and not like who is staring back at you. All I can do is continue to learn and grow. That is what life is and makes it exciting day to day. Exciting is not always easy.

Monday, September 26, 2005

running backwards.....

Some days I want to run backwards toward what I had, yet I know I cant. Where did it take a fork in the road? Last weekend I wanted to go look for what I knew would not be there. Life is not like the movies where you get the happy ending, but that is what I want. The person I wanted to be there waiting for me, waiting to be found, is not there. Someday I will be able to go there again and not be haunted by the dreams I left on the beach, in the sand with the wind to our backs, and the future ahead of us. But I couldn't do it last weekend, it still hurts and I didnt realize how much till now.

Weekend Fun!

Yet, the end of another great(!) weekend! I did purchase the hat for my Halloween costume! However, I think next weekend needs to be a decompression weekend. Reading, cleaning, hanging out at the house. This weekend was all about friends....old ones and making new ones.

Here are some random pictures from my Saturday night outing with Albert.

Albert trying to take a picture of a couple visiting from Blaine, WA. Their camera was out of film, so I took shots of them with the digital camera.

The following picture is of this guy asking us for change. Not only was he very drunk, but he was "hooking", so he told us, probably not going to get alot of action in Belltown...but who knows!
Also, he wanted a hug, so Albert provided!!

Walking thru downtown, came up Pike Place Market and I had to take a cool shot of the sign! I Love Seattle at night!

Sunday was a fun day with brunch at the 5 Spot, time at the book & plant sale to benefit the Seattle Public Library and some wandering thru Ballard farmers market with Sanders and David. Had a nice night on Sunday!! ;-) Thanks to all involved for a great weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2005

For the love of Mickey D's Cheeseburgers & sad work news....

So......I know I was talking about no longer eating fast food and how bad it is for you in the last posting and in this one I am going to celebrate it!!

My ex gf always told me the best hang over food is Mickey D's cheeseburgers. I didnt really believe her til last day after St Patty's day. Needless to say Jess and I "overcelebrated" St Pats day. We dragged ourselves to Mickey D's and an hour after consuming the cheeseburger the hang over disappeared! Today was one of those, I need a cheeseburger days. I had two and wow!! Hangover gone! Lov'in life once more!


Moving right along....

Today we received word of a "relocation" at my work. Due to some very costly improvements needed here at our satellite sales office, where I work, we will instead be consolidating our office back into the main plant! Which means I loss my nice work area!! I am very sad, I love our building. We get a ton of sun, we have our own kitchen,coffee maker, parking, and a great work atmoshpere!

Change can be good, so I am willing to see what happens! Upon chatting with my general manager today, he listened to my concerns of where I was "going to be placed" and surprised me with a nice location! Sadly it will not have a window and I cant take the very cool desk setup I have here, it wont fit in the new space.!! :( However, for the time being it will my own office!! So sad news went to good news!

My current desk...messy, but mine...oh I will miss you when I have to give you up in a month!

Friday BURNOUT! I f*cked up with this photo. It was suppose to end up as my new profile picture...however, it landed here as a new posting. I could easily have deleted it, but I think its a good picture of me, what the hell I 'll leave it!

Today I am trying to write ad copy for our latest marketing campaign and I am not a copy writer! So quickly burning out the creative spark!! Plus I have so many thoughts spinning thru my head as of today. (The damn hangover from last night is not helping matters!!) Things in my life are moving so fast lately and major changes in the works. Most of it at my job and I try to not talk about work on here, cause who knows who reads this and work needs to be seperate and not posted for the world to read about.

I am listening to the new Jamiroquai cd, which is amazingly good! I am not usually a big fan of them, generally I like one or two songs, but I scored a free copy of the cd last night! It is currently spinning in my laptop as I work. A nice source of creative inspiration! My favorite song so far is Electronic Mistress !!

Contemplating a trip to the ocean on saturday. Every year since I have lived in Washington, I've made a trip to the coast and gone camping, but this is the first summer in the three I have been here that I have not made it there. I am missing it. I would like to go down there before the weather gets really crappy.

I told my roommate Donna about my idea for skydiving before I turn 35, which is just around the corner. She might be interested in going with me!! That would be fun, I really dont want to do it alone, yet no one else I know here would consider doing it, they all want to stay firmly planted on the ground! Not sure how I am feeling about turning 35. I do know I want to work towards getting in better shape at 35 then I was at 25. Not hard to do, I am currently in better shape now, than I was at 25, but that is not a big leap! lol!! I want to be in good health as well! I was inspired by Supersize Me, which I finally saw the other night. Holy shit...the crap we put in our systems. Scary how quickly the guys health decreased in a month. I need to cut out the fast food from my diet. Makes me feel ill anyway, I should take that as a sign.

Also I am trying to figure out the hair situation! I have had it short for a while and want a change. I have gone to Rudys 3 times now to get it cut and they have been so damn busy, it was like an hour wait. I should take that as a sign that it is meant to grow out more, but its driving me fucking nuts! Attempt #4 for Rudy's after work tonight....then I will go elsewhere!

Is it 5 yet??? Damn! Ok...well I guess I should go back to work.

Jeff Shumate

Jeff Shumate.....where are you?? I have been thinking of you alot lately. Hope all is well with you.

Thank you, you made me a better person.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Albert's 35th bday!

Happy Birthday Albert!!

Yet again another fun time had by all!! Not bad considering the entire night only cost $5.00 for drinks at the the Rosebud, and your friends at Man Ray kept giving us pitchers of beer for free!
WE can relive it again on Sat night! Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quote of the Day!

I have decided from time to time to find a meaningful quote and share it! The above quote, which I have combined with a photo of mine, is from the sunbeam section of the Sun magazine. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Scream Online

For anyone interested, I found this online magazine during my internet travels today. An excellent read. Full of art, photography and literture. Check it out....!!


The Way I See It #63

Our lives are inspired by the dreams we have from the earliest stages of our youth. When you combine passion and hard work, then success is always possible. While no road is ever straight, dedication and persistence will always lead you to your dreams.

-- Arte Moreno
In 2003, he became the first Hispanic owner of a major league baseball team.

Highs, Lows and reconnections!

Good morning world!

Amazing how 24 hours can completely change a person's perspective. Yesterday morning I was unwilling to rise out of bed, turning off my alarm over and over again...trying to think of every excuse of how I could possibly not go to work. I love my job, I do, but some days I just dont want to put up with everything I have on my desk. After a long day of missing the mark on getting the creative juices flowing, finally at 3:45 what I had been looking for all day hit me! It was like an adrenaline rush, a high you cant get off of! There was no way of clocking out at 5 since I was enjoying the "creative" flow and stayed and worked till about 7.
From there my day continued to get better ... received a call that I was hoping to get but not really expecting and then checked my email and got an email I had been waiting for from a friend! I should have been finishing up the book I am reading for my book club, which meets today and I am only 3/4 of the way thru it! Know what I am doing on my lunch.
Also this past week has included a "reconnection" with a close friend from high school. Someone I have wondered over the yrs how she has been. It is nice to have her back in my life.

Here's to a good rest of the week and enjoying what we have left of the good weather. The air is changing and I can smell fall. The sun is setting sooner and sooner everyday.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wallace & Gromit and Me ...and Jane Seymour...

Tiffany, her friend Jessica and I went to see the movie "The Wedding Crashers" on Sunday. One of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. Just when you think it cant get any funnier, you are once again laughing so hard you cant breath!

As Jane Seymour says "feel my tits!"

I of course made Tiffany take a picture of me with the Wallace and Gromit promo poster for the movie coming out in Oct! I cant wait!

Friday, September 16, 2005

6. Miss You 4:54

6. Miss You 4:54

I cannot be where the weather is fair
With you on the ground - me in the air
Where whistling engines drink up restless hearts
I can still taste the last call - I still feel the bar
The plotting of managers in fast open cars
Racing the agents - chasing the ancients
To the corner stores - to pick out our potions
I, like the others, believe we were born
To bleed at the borders to sleep with the storm
I must confess I have laid down
Where stronger men dared not go

But I miss you - I miss you
There is nothing I can take
There is nothing I can do
To keep from running away

I know of what I’ve lost
On this quiet night
I still felt your grasp upon me
As I boarded the flight
And I watched you there in the window
I wondered how long you’d stay
Waving your arms at the jumbo
As it tore us both away
I wish I could just turn myself around
Follow my heart back to you on the ground
But I know just for tonight
Is harder to hear than goodbye

But I miss you - I miss you
There is nothing I can take
There is nothing I can do
To keep from running away
At any cost
To keep from turning around
Just to see what I’ve lost

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Last night was one of those low key days where you get to just enjoy the company of good friends. Following work I met up with Tiffany to help celebrate her successful interview!! I am confidant she will get this job. We meet up at a Seattle institution, Dicks! If you dont live in Seattle, then you will not know of Dicks.....for those friends of mine who dont live in Seattle, we will go to Dicks when you visit(you have to visit to go here)!

I went home, took a nap, since I am fighting a sore throat. UGH! I hate being ill at all!

After that I met up with Sanders and David at The Sitting Room on Queen Anne. Was nice to see them, chat, hang out and have a couple of glasses of wine and amazingly deadly chocolate cake! YUMMM! Considering I never liked red wine before, I have come to enjoy it now. I have Jess and my good friend Deb to thank for this! ;-)

I may be alone in this final thought, but I am enjoying the change of the weather and looking forward to the rain. I have missed the moody days. I am looking forward to fall, it is still one of my favorite seasons, even though it is more subdued here then in Vermont, it is still very enjoyable.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Amazing how fast....

....your life can change. My life is radically different than it was a year ago. Not better or worse, just different. I do miss parts of my old life every day, but at the same time I am having fun. In the last year my life has changed, and in that time I have not seen my brother Chad. He came up to Seattle on saturday and left this am. I realized when he got here, that it was about a year ago that I was in Ashland visiting him. I am thankful for his visit, as we grow older, we become better friends. On this visit, it was the first time in a very long time, that him and I have spent any time, just by ourselves. It is nice to rediscover your brother and who he is, it is nice to discover a friend in your brother. Growing up we were so so different. We are still very different, but we grow closer in shared interests and beliefs. I had more fun yesterday and last night than I have had in a long time! I realize this is just ramblings, but that is what this space is for....rambling if I want! Also responsible for some of the crazy fun last night was my friend Albert, he has become my partner in crime as of lately!! He tries to keep me focused as I try to run off spasctically in my life...!! Albert and Chad...thanks!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Lola and me!

I miss my pup Lola. She now lives with her mommy full time! I had her last Sunday and it was so fun to play with her. She is the smartest dog, ok maybe I am slightly biased.....just a little.
Here we are together!!! Love you sweetie.

Return of the bunny suit!

Last year during a road trip down the coast, I purchased a full bunny suit in Ashland, Oregon. I wore it last halloween. Hummm....never knew how many people were into the "furry" scene til that night, Wow!! ........I have not had my ass grabbed so many damn times in one night in my life! Thinking I should wear it out the bars...might get lucky!!!
Well, I had thought the bunny suit was put away for awhile......but no! I have decided it will resurface and bounce across the dance floor again this year! I found this awesome hat at Red Light tonight!!! The bunny suit will be re-born as FUCK BUNNY!!! I was inspired by the pervs who were so into me last yr. Think of it as Elton John in a bunny suit with nothing but sex and alcohol on his mind! I found some very cool sunglasses as well!! So damn cool! Oversized pink and white checkerboard. Jess, you can have them when I am done, they are very much you! I think this is so much better of an idea that going as Harry Potter. I really dont want to think about people grabbing Harry Potter's ass!
I found out from my new friend Matt, that: in french, the word for horny.. derives from "hot rabbit" ~ "chaud laupin" Perfect!! I will call myself, Chaud Laupin, AKA Fuck Bunny! Oh yeah, this Halloween will be fun!!! The countdown has begun! Albert....if you're reading this, we need to find a place to party!

All for the moment- Chaud Laupin!! hahahahaha

Power of Postive Expression

I posted the proceeding post to Misty for her nice thoughts, why? Because as of recently, we have been slammed with so much negative. The long drawn out Iraq war and people dying and now the horrible disaster in New Orleans, it was nice to come in to work, check my email and find her email! I dont know her, she found my blog online and wanted to let me know she enjoyed it and it had lifted her spirits. WOW! To think here I have been mulling over the negatives in my own life. Daily, I have been feeling defeated and really trying to stay the "Happy Michael" and this simple email from Misty lifted my day from a ho-hum friday to a very nice day! Amazing, it renews my belief that one simple action could really improve another persons day and or life!

I will follow suit, and pay this forward Misty! To everyone else who might read this....also follow Misty's lead and improve someone else's day! To all - Enjoy the day and weekend.


Thank you for the nice comments! They were very nice to hear after an extremely long and stressful week! Here is another photo of Seattle for you to enjoy!

Thursday, September 08, 2005



AHHHHH....I am a freak when it comes to techno stuff (or cars). Not only is it very very cool, it plays music!

Someday when money is plentiful again. Hey, one can dream!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


A slow day here at work.....

What I have spinning on constant rotation in the Mazda's disc changer:

Diamond Nights - Once We Were Diamonds EP - I had the chance to see these guys back in July when they were coming thru town. If you get a chance to see them, go! I have a feeling they could be very big. I am lucky being in Seattle, they have been in heavy rotation on stations here. Currently they are touring on the east coast. Their full length album comes out on Sept. 13th. Favorite song: The Girl's Attractive.

Ringside - Ringside - Had no clue who too hell they were til last week, when I found this cd in my glovebox. Thanks Albert! Now I am playing it over & over!! Favorite Song: Tired of Being Sorry.

Beth Orton - Central Reservationist - Still after all these years, I am in love with this cd.

Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - I know I know, I am sure there are plenty of people, thinking, what the f*ck! I dont care....I was her biggest critic when she came out, ask Jess. The I saw the movie Love Actually, and i found out my favorite song from the movie was by I had to breakdown and admit defeat. Once her new album came out, I had to buy it. She is my guilty pleasure. Since the breakup, I can relate to a couple of her songs! Plus, thanks to Albert, I am going to see her in concert next week. YUMMM....Kelly in person. She can sing and is very nice to look at! Favorite Song: Gone.

Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies - What can I say, good or bad mood, this cd puts me in a good mood! I LOVE IT! I missed them at Bumbershoot, will have to catch them next time they stop in Seattle. Favorite Song: If I Ever Leave This World Alive.

Frank Sinatra - The Very Good Years - My friend Fred in college turned me onto ol' blue eyes. Always a nice change of pace cd to listen too. I have needed some mellow music as of lately, so it is nice to skip ahead and find this in there. Favorite Song: The Best Is Yet To Come.

A Blog Flower Garden - Photos I took @ Sandpoint Community Garden. ENJOY!

Seattle Skyline

A photo of downtown Seattle at sunset, I took from Gasworks Park.

When is it my turn??

When will it be my turn to enjoy the good life? Not feel like I am running just to catch up...not wondering if I can pay my bills next month, if I should put gas in the car or food in my stomach. Everyone says "Sell the car" I say "fuck you, dont I deserve something nice??!"

I have cut out just about all the fun stuff. I dont go out, I hardly eat out, if I have one latte in a week, I feel like I am cheating and wasting money. I have a wishlist of music that is a mile long!! Why do I feel so defeated today? I want to go back to bed and wake up when it is will get better, right? I think I left the "happy Michael" back there in bed today.

My turn...part 2

So I had my pity party this morning, then I drove to work in my car, yes it is costing me a ton to pay for now, but who cares! Its not the Saturn, it has a 6 disc cd changer and it is very fast, and fun, and I can sing my heart out with the sunroof open as I cruise thru downtown Seattle on my way to work. I get to go, every morning, to a job, that yes at times can be stressful, but I love! I have been working some shitty jobs in the past couple of years. Now this is my pay back. I have amazing co workers, we enjoy ourselves and laugh daily, drink good coffee. We all talk about our weekends, and I know they really want to hear about it, not just listening to being nice. I have fun doing what I am doing, I get to be creative. So what if I dont have a ton of money...I am making the choices I have made. I could sell the Mazda, I could move somewhere cheaper. No thanks, I have been there, and I have driven the crappy car. What gave me the better outlook? The fact I was there in my brand new car, singing along to the cd, when on the opposing corner, a man is holding a sign, asking for money. His shoes had holes, his clothes are dirty and he cant even eat. Suck it up Michael Woodward, it could be worse. New Orleans has been under many feet of water for a week, people are missing and dead, others have no idea if they will ever be able to move home. I have everything to be thankful for!

Monday, September 05, 2005


photo credit: Scott Waite

mag·no·lia ( P ) (mg-nly)n.

1. Any of numerous evergreen or deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Magnolia of the Western Hemisphere and Asia, having aromatic twigs and large showy white, pink, purple, or yellow flowers.

2. The flower of any of these plants.

3. The Seattle neighborhood I live in!

I moved to Magnolia in August after Jess and I broke up. It is not any means, but I am finding myself enjoying it more and more. While I am very close to Ballard and the rest of the city, living in Magnolia feels like a world removed. Very peaceful over here, you are away from the constant traffic. One of the best aspects of where I live, I can see all of Ballard from my bedroom window! Maybe in a few months I will end up back in Ballard, because it feels like home to me, but for the time being, my "stay" in Magnolia is very enjoyable!

To learn more about Ballard, the place I love so much, go here:

Sunday, September 04, 2005


My wonderful puppy Lola...I have missed you!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Very rarely is someone as blessed as I am when it comes to friends. I have a personal saying, you are born into your family, your friends are the family you get to create! Scott and Shawn are my family. They know all there is to know about me - Good, Bad, Ugly, Funny...and they still love me and listen to me always. The fact they know everything about me is a major step for me, never in my life have I "let anyone in", like I have with them. Another friend of mine pointed this trait out about me a few years ago, he said I let people only know small parts of me so I can keep from exposing myself to everyone, "self protection" he said. He was right, I had never been called out on it before. So, I am ok with Scott and Shawn knowing all there is to know. Why? Because they dont judge me, they only provide their insight and advice. Its up to me to take it or leave it. If I fuck up, they dont rub my face in it, they continue to listen. They can make me laugh like no one else can!! Like the photo of them above, which I am sure they will be REAL IMPRESSED I have posted...I was bored @ my part time job they sent me this and of course I was laughing and had to leave the room! I shutter to think what my life would be like without them. Thank you boys! I LOVE YOU!!


Amazing how our society has changed and been completely influenced by the internet. The great majority of us think nothing of buying a cd or book, reading the news, paying our bills or trying to find someone to hook up with, or date on the internet. It has replaced the brick and mortor store, post office, smokey bar, and print newspaper. Not only can you do all of these things at home, you can access it almost anywhere. What fasinates me is how quickly even the internet, and how we use it, is changing. I am pretty aware of technical advances and how we implement them, but I was not jumping on the "blogging band wagon". I had put off even really exploring it. Scotty has been using it for yrs and it was not until this past July did I even sign up for a blog. How quickly one becomes a convert! I feel like a voyeur when I am reading these, as if my sexy neighbor has left thier window open and the shade slighty open, so I get a glimpse into their lives. I can cruise through the pages and read about so many people and know of their lives. However at the same time we are all the sexy neighbor, leaving the shade slightly ajar, letting us peek, but not inviting us all the way in....controlled access. Fasinating to watch how our society has responded and I wonder what will be the next "Electronic Evolution". What comes after blogging? We will have to wait and see, till then, keep the shade slightly open, I am enjoying the show!

More than coffee.....

The Way I See It quotes on the Starbuck cups are wonderful. If you are not aware of these, take a closer look at your next cup of coffee from Starbucks. Quotes from writers, activists, musicians...and the list goes on. You can check them out @

One that really struck a cord with me, so much so, I decided to keep the cup to allow myself the opportunity to read it when I need a "hit" of insight! This quote is from the musician Jill Scott.

"Embrace this right now life while it's dripping, while the flavors are excellently woesome.

Take your bites with bravery and boldness since the learning and growing are here in these times, those exact right nows.

Capture these times. Hold and kiss them because it will soon be very different."

-Jill Scott

Friday, September 02, 2005

Reflection of Me... Posted by Picasa

Moving forward with a thank you... I began this blog with encouragement from Scotty! However it has been a hectic couple of months and as you can see I have not been back on here. Now here I am back to posting on Sept 2nd. Amazing what a couple of months can do to a person's life and how much your perspective can change.

In the end of June, the relationship I had with Jess "Sunshine" came to an end. It felt like it was a crash and burn ending to me. However, now I have perspective!! It was not a crash and burn, she had the foresight to see we were moving in opposite directions instead of moving in the same direction, therefore we needed to exit the relationship as friends. I was angry, mad as hell, bitter....everything you can imagine went thru my head. July was a blur to me....I gained some clarity and might have hurt some people in the process, never my intent. Anyway, no more living in the past, its over. Move forward.

Here it is.....for you Sunshine:

Thank you Jessica. I love you and will love you forever. It brings me an amazing amount of peace to know you are on the way to finding happiness for yourself, not anyone else. Never an easy task. You gave me two of the best years of my life, thank you for those and all the great memories that came along with it. Albert left a cd by the group, Ringside in our car. I found it in there the other day and threw it in my cd player. I feel as if this cd was written for me to listen to and learn from. One of my new favorites is called "tired of being sorry" My new perspective to apply to you and I comes from that song.....
"Maybe you were right. I dont want to fight, I am tired of being sorry..."
I look forward to us "re-discovering" our friendship. I have missed you these last couple of months. Enough said, you know the rest. :-)

Because of this perspective and new found clarity, I am moving full speed ahead into my future. I know I will fall on my face from time to time. I am ready for that to happen, all I can do is pick myself up, laugh, learn from it and enjoy every day.

Right now I am very excited about the new beginnings in my life and the undiscovered chapters that will unfold.