Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Whoa...who let the cold in?

it seems as if the cold from back home was shipped very far west! Yesterday, out of nowhere it became extremely cold. I suddenly felt as if I had been transported back to Vermont. Except, I am missing the fragrant smell of the leaves on the ground and the abundance of apple cider. It is during times like this, I miss home. Yes, I said it, I miss home. Honestly Seattle feels more like home to me than anywhere else, however, the familiar of Vermont I do miss from time to time. I was sharing stories of Vermont with someone today and it made me realize how much I miss it during the fall. I have a picture here on my desk at work of Michele, Dawn and myself from a few years ago at one of the fall festivals and I love this time year there. One of these days I might have to go back there and see it again. Have some real apple cider. Till then, the yummy caramel apple cider at Starbucks will have to do!

oh yeah, Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite holidays! Whos say it has to be for kids? I am so lucky to live where I do, since Seattle is so very much into Halloween!

Here are photos of this years fun times! We had a big halloween party at my work. At first I wasn't into attending , then after all the work I had put into planning it, I relented. I am very happy I did! I have some of the best co-workers you could ever ask for. So much fun! My co- worker Lisa and I decided to capitalize on the fact that we act like we are married... and went as a "dead" married couple. That is me sporting a really bad wig from Value Village! Toward the end of the night, I had on my co-worker Beth's wings and halo! Hey...every angel gets his wings!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who will it be in '08 ?? Could be interesting!

Could we see, FINALLY IN 2006, a shift in the way we think about politics? I ask this since this early out of the gate, two top democratic contenders in the 2008 presidential race are NOT white males. I am of course speaking about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Can the democrats actually for once support what they are always screaming from the stage, a society for everyone, equal rights? This would mean, actually nominating a woman or an African American. This country is at a cross roads and I think the 2008 election will be a watershed moment for this country. We have all heard “rumors” of Hillary wanting to run for President in 2008, she has not yet said she will not seek the nomination. Lately we have heard a lot about Barack maybe considering a run for the White House in 2008. Both would be very strong candidates. Personally, if either of them were to run separately, I would vote for them. Yes, they both have their faults, and weaknesses. However, lets remember, we are electing a President, not a super hero. Lastly - anything is better than what we have in there now. The current administration, the “Dick & W” show has sent this country into a tailspin. Something I think would make 2008 even more interesting, would be if Hillary and Barack were to run together? We would have two extremely intelligent politicians from the same party who both bring a different point of view of their party and a powerhouse team. Hillary, who supports the war, and Barack who opposes the war. Not to be cynical, but I don’t see our country voting for either of them. I can see the possibility of one of them securing the nomination, but I have a feeling the Democratic Party will be their own worst enemy. Why? Because we live in a country, where there are pockets of people who think slavery was a good idea and that we still live in 1950’s America. Many of those people I believe voted for the “Dick & W” show. To get the votes of these people and remove “Dick & W” supporters from power, we need to give the people what they want, and the democrats I believe sadly, still think that is a white male. I think to properly “spin” it, I believe the democratic party will support both Hillary and Barack early on to win the votes of women and minority voters and then bring in someone else, who is a male and white. They want the win so bad, but I don’t know if they believe in their own message enough to deliver it. Instead they will hand feed anyone to make it a win and sadly this country still believes that to be a white male!

However, the republicans could be the ones to make 2008 an interesting election, not the democrats…..

Everyone knows the “Dick & W” show has almost run out of steam, and I don’t think we have any more money for them to spend. But this entire time, we have had a very powerful and intelligent woman in place, and she has quickly risen up in her position. If you are paying attention, she is in the news a lot. When she is in the news, she has distanced herself from the “Dick & W” show. The woman I am referring to is of course, Condoleezza Rice. This woman is very intelligent and understands foreign policy, has been in the beltway of Washington long enough to know what needs to be done to get things thru. As strange as it may sound, I think the republicans may be the first ones to nominate not only a woman, but an African American woman. If this were to happen, it would be the election of all elections. I believe if the republicans were to nominate Condolezza, then and only then, would the democrats fully support nominating either Hillary and/or Barak. I don’t totally support what Condolezza Rice represents as a member of the Republican party, but I do respect who she is and what she has accomplished in her career. At the current time, she seems like the strongest candidate the republicans have, I have heard nothing of her even being interested in a run for the presidential office. Only time will tell….

All I know is, I hope at least one of the three people I have mentioned does enter the race, because it will prove to be very interesting. Ideally, as a person who is fascinated by the political process of our country, I would love to see all three enter the race. Also I would love to see both Condolezza and Hillary receive the nominations from their parties! The United States I personally believe is overdue for a shake up in our presidential race and we are long, long overdue for a woman and/or minority member of our country to be President!