Monday, November 27, 2006

Let it snow.....

Last night it snowed in Seattle. I have to say, it was incredibly beautiful. I forget how quiet the world becomes with a dusting of snow on the ground. I cant believe I am going to say this, but I hope it snows again soon! ;-)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Puzzle Pieces

For many years now, I have looked at my life like a giant puzzle. On this journey of life, I have been trying to find pieces that fit. So far I have found some and they fit perfectly, others, I have had to round out the edges and wiggle a little to make them fit. However, I have decided to look for only pieces that feel like they fit and no modifications needs. In the past year, this has come easier than ever before in my life. Lately the pieces have presented themselves and I no longer have to look. This is the secret! Stop looking, breath, enjoy, live in the now and the pieces of the puzzle begin to present themselves. You dont always expect them, and sometimes, you might run from them, whatever you do, enjoy it, and when it feels so good, you wake up grinning ear to ear and feel warmth from your soul, you know you have found the right piece. My puzzle is almost about yours?