Monday, March 05, 2007

A big FUCK U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why be nice about it?? Really, what do I owe them? NOTHING. All I want is my time to say what I want about the monkey company I use to work for. Yes, I was fired, because they chose to believe half truths and mis-information about me from non trust worthy people. One of them, has a felony record as long as my arm. Hummm...who to believe? Someone who has never had anything more than a speeding ticket or someone who has been arrested more than once, and convicted and fired due to the felony charges! HEy, its your company, when the customer, you said I was not "truthful" with, leaves you....who will be laughing?? Oh, yeah me assholes!!!
A month ago, I was ashamed like I did something wrong. Now I realize, I was not the one who was wrong. The monkey company was. So have fun with your employees who lie, cheat, steal, do drugs on your property, and oh yea and that includes the ones you chose to believe over me.

To you monkey company.....FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I feel better. Amazing what a month can do! ;-)

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